What We Do

What we do

Innercity Films is a multi media organisation working with London residents.

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In 2001 Innercity Films began using the medium of documentary film to educate, represent and empower London’s inner communities.
We started life using the visual arts to document and mobilize community groups, from youth groups to public houses, with the aim of raising awareness and creating change in the often complex and arduous lives of innercity Londoners.
Innercity Films has since developed into a multi-media collective working with and teaching digital film, photography and art, and taking a wider stance on exploring life and culture in London. Documenting the diversity and multiplicity of the city, whilst encouraging the creative expression and input of its subjects along the way.
What makes Innercity Films unique is its insider knowledge – we know and love the city, and understand our subjects, fully integrating ourselves with those we work with. This sense of acquaintance lets us get right upclose with the camera, instead of watching uncomfortably as an outsider.
These are Londoners stories, an eclectic mix of local voices and portraits.